Icelandic horses: Everything you need to know

We did not realize that Icelandic horses are everywhere. There Are 80,000 horses in a nation which has a population of just 300,000 people.

It took us some time to realize what the horses have been employed for. Iceland is a popular tourist destination, but not popular enough to maintain 80,000 horses occupied.

Do the Icelandic men and women eat a horse? Maybe they Horses for food?

Although Some horses are bred for food, It’s the least eaten Meat in the country and just some are raised for slaughter.

Nearly All Icelandic Horses are used for companionship They’re a part of life and history of the people of Iceland. They are also used for breeding and exporting. The Icelandic Horse is in demand across the world. Comprising of 18 countries such as Canada. It’s no wonder, they are beautiful.


Icelandic foal
Icelandic foal relaxing in the wild nature

Not only is the Icelandic Horse the prettiest horse in the Planet (in my humble opinion), they are also the only horse which may tölt. The Icelandic horse could tölt. It’s an ambling gait referred to as the equipment.

There are horses in the world that have a Gait. My mom explained that the Tennessee Walking Horse also has a Much like gait and there are others with that extra gear, but the tölt is unique to the Icelandic horse.

The tölt is the equipment in between a trot and cantor. It is a quick gait that is a smooth ride and allows the horse to pay long distances.
The highlight of our road excursion through Iceland.

It was amazing to saunter through the Iceland countryside While we tracked the course of the Norsemen. Okay, it was a route that is small, but as we rode, I envisioned what Life should have been like back then.


Icelandic horses corissing a river
Icelandic horses crossing a glacier river

I can’t think just how man and horse endured in the Terrain and harsh weather of the nation.

But the Icelandic horse is hardy and has been made for these conditions.

Their equipment helps also. During our ride, Once the horse Touched the tölt we couldn’t believe how smooth it was, it felt just like we were gliding.

It makes for a comfy ride for the rider and makes Traveling easier for the horse.


Icelandic horses and Skogarfoss waterfall
Icelandic horses and Skogarfoss waterfall

Our guide told us there are theories as to why the Icelandic Horse gets the tölt. She believes that the horses of Europe had this gait bred out of these to adapt horse carts.

For pulling carriages the trot functioned nicely and there wasn’t any Requirement for the as Icelandic horses were used to pull on carriages that the tölt disappeared. It makes sense to us.

The Icelandic Horse is the strain of horse allowed in Iceland and horse carts weren’t a part of Icelandic history. No other horse is permitted in the Nation and if a horse is Found from Iceland, it is not allowed back in.

No other breed of horse has stepped Foot on Iceland soil hence keeping disease out and creating the ultimate pure bread.


Iceland horseback riding in a black sand beach
Iceland horseback riding, Stokksnes black beach

You can go on a trail ride anywhere in Iceland, but we wanted to ride nearby Skagafjörður, situated in the North of the nation.

Skagafjörður is popularly known as the cradle of this Icelandic Horse and it is here that you will see beautiful herds of Icelandic horses set out to pasture.

Our drive through the area supplied the views Of herds of Icelandic horses running by or grazing facing stunning scenery.

After doing our mountain trail ride that is high in Alberta, we Felt positive-going Iceland horseback riding and so were excited to have the ability to get back on a horse and ride one in an entirely different setting.
Realized that we are not pros.

We had Difficulty controlling our stubborn horses who had a Mind of their own. Iceland horses are set out to pasture when they Aren’t Being used and they practically have a crazy feel.

These animals think for themselves. If you do not show them whose boss from the start, you will be Stuck fighting them the entire ride.

My horse was beautiful, but he decided many times that he Did not want to move or he wanted to go in the opposite way. I was fighting, but I loved it.

Strong characters are among my favorite character traits. We were informed by them of those horses in Mongolia and It’s no miracle, the Iceland horse is believed they are descendants of the Mongolian horse.

They are small but they are sturdy and strong. They have beautiful manes and their markings are extraordinary. We were amazed that they were unique. Each and every one of them looked different from Another. Every chance we got, we would pull on the side of the road They were friendly too and seemed to adore having their Pictures shot.

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