Iceland Horseback Riding Profile: They way to find your Iceland Horses

The FEIF Iceland Horseback Riding Profile

FEIF has developed an instrument to help leisure riders locate the Best possible match if buying a new horse. The instrument seeks to identify the traits a horse should create a safe, comfortable relationship and prevent the negative effects of a bad match, which benefits the buyer/rider and horse.
Description and assessment of the personality and behavior of a horse in addition to the needs of the buyer/rider. The process recognizes each rider and horse are special with their own character and qualities. A horse that might be a completely wrong selection for a single rider may be the ideal match for one more.

The FEIF Iceland Horseback Riding Profile doesn’t provide marks, but

How to Use this Profile

Iceland horseback riding
Iceland horseback riding at Reynisfjara

The FEIF Iceland Horseback Riding Profile consists of 2 kinds which Are completed by the buyer/rider in collaboration with professional trainers. The questions are designed to direct the buyer/rider and coach regarding the best possible game with a horse.

The buyer/rider completes the Riders Form describing the Ideal riding horse. This procedure focuses on the buyer/rider on the crucial traits and advice their fantasy horse ought to have. In particular, there are concerns relating to this desired behavior, general characteristics, willingness, education level, abilities, and gaits. The initial form is all about the buyer/rider –independent of any specific horse being contemplated. The information on this form can be compared to any horse as long as the answers are rather recent and precise.

The second part of the FEIF Iceland Iceland Horseback Riding Profile, the Trainer Form, is done in collaboration with a professional trainer and is focused on a specific horse. The coach records observations concerning the horse produced from the ground and if riding the horse. The coach finds the horse in being ready to ride, being mounted, being ridden indoors and out, and in as many odd situations as possible.
Difficult riding scenario… encountering different horses.

The list of odd situations includes experiences with Dogs, bicycles, other horses, cars, etc.. The more of those situations which could be observed the better. When riding out, the coach may observe the horse’s response to coming and passing a bunch of Iceland horses.

The information on the two kinds is completely independent. Both forms may be reused for different rider/buyers and different Iceland horses. The forms only need to be updated when the data changes. For instance, the rider/buyer changes priorities or the horse receives additional instruction.

The rider/buyer and Trainer work together to compare the data on the 2 forms to spot a fantastic match between the horse and riders. The process also identifies areas where the horse, rider, or combination could look for further schooling after a purchase is made.

Please Note:

The FEIF Iceland Horseback Riding Profile was developed from substance From several FEIF member countries in cooperation with educational institutions in Iceland. There is not any guarantee that the results are reproducible with time, with different passengers, or with different circumstances.

Possible Uses of the FEIF Iceland Horseback Riding Profile

Lookign for the best Icelandic horse
Find the best Iceland horses with the profile

A coach defining attention regions together with a pupil by Employing the”Riders Form”.
Get a professional, neutral description of this horse.

A stallion owner may request a coach to prepare a”Trainers Form” to find a professional, neutral description of the stallion to be shared with persons interested in using the stallion for stud service.
Description of a horse prior to making a buy.

If you find Icelandic horses for sale and you are sure this is the horse for you, be sure you utilize the “Riders Form” to concentrate their search for their fantasy Iceland horses.

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