Iceland Ponies: Women Horse riding Expedition

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Iceland Ponies.

There is just something about those gentle Iceland ponies that melts My heart their big eyes, their personalities, the way you can make their best lip wiggle if you tickle their nose… I even volunteered at a horse barn up the road from my house when I was in middle school and junior high.
Get to know some of Iceland’s unique ponies during my first trip.

Iceland is such cool animal. Not only Do they have long, shaggy coats and adorably thick manes and forelocks (fringe), but they also are some of the sweetest Iceland ponies I have ever”met.”

Not to mention They Are genetically unique, also — they Are directly descended from the horses that the very first Vikings brought over to Iceland back from the 9th and 10th centuries. Because they haven’t been introduced into some other horse genes through time, the result is a hardy breed that may withstand Iceland’s often-harsh climate with no problem.

Additionally, The Icelandic Pony is freaking adorable.

Iceland Ponies near old ruins
Iceland ponies melts My heart

But this genetic uniqueness also means the Icelandic pony Has to remain contained to Iceland. At one stage, some other horses were brought over from mainland Europe, only for people to discover that Icelandic horses were not immune to the same ailments that the European horses had been. These days, no overseas lands are permitted in the country, and some other Icelandic horses that depart the island (such as for a global competition) can never return.

The Icelandic pony is also exceptional in that it has 5 Different different Icelandic horse gaits. Most horse breeds have 3 — walk, trot, and canter/gallop. The Icelandic pony, however, also has a gait called tölt, which can be a smooth, very fast walk; and a gait called skeið, flugskeið or”flying pace,” that is a fast gait that is frequently used in pacing races.

I had been fortunate enough to Try the tölt for myself (as
The secure and the treatment of their horses — something any Icelandic pony lover ought to care about. And I certainly feel as though I made the right choice.

How is THIS to get a location?

Icelandic Ponies in Iceland
Icelandic ponies on the black beach Reynisfjara in Vík

Upon arriving at the riding center, everyone who had been Planning to ride was asked to see a brief safety video and store away all luggage and valuables. Then we quickly suited up — helmets have been demanded, and they also supplied boots and hot jumpsuits. Even though the jumpsuits looked absurd and the sun was actually shining, so I put one on anyway for its heat.

Here is the definition of sexy.

Icelandic Pony posing
Icelandic Pony posing for the photograph

Ever since I have a bit Of riding expertise, I had been paired up with a beautiful mare name Fryk, whose large brown, bright eyes made me fall in love with her immediately.
(they’re not much bigger than ponies, but don’t call them ponies!) , we headed off in a straight line into the surrounding lava fields, the sunlight shining ardently for the first time since my arrival in Iceland. It was magic.

The horses in our group were a few of the most adorable, most Usually on nose-to-tail course rides like this, you notice horses biting and kicking one another, and many others totally disregarding the commands of their riders.

These horses, though.

Beautiful Icelandic Pony
Beautiful Icelandic Pony

In Reality, Fryk was so receptive and obedient that I was capable To snap plenty of photographs and let my mind wander a bit every now and then. I can’t recall the last time I felt comfortable on an Icelandic pony.

Halfway throughout the ride, our manuals had us dismount to provide The horses a break. I’ve never understood a riding company that did so earlier, but I adored it. Only a further testament to just how well the Ishestar horses are treated. Plus, it did not hurt for us humans to have the ability to stretch our legs, either.

On the road back to our stable, we had lots of chances To test the tölt gait. It had been so smooth and quick that I couldn’t help but grin stupidly each and every time Fryk got going. You could tell she did not want to stop, and neither did I!

We return to the stable way too quickly, and I wanted Everything was just So perfect on this particular ride — out of my horse into the weather. And obviously it did not Hurt that we had only ridden through some truly stunning Icelandic countryside.

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