Iceland Horseback Riding Profile: They way to find your Iceland Horses

Iceland horseback riding

The FEIF Iceland Horseback Riding Profile FEIF has developed an instrument to help leisure riders locate the Best possible match if buying a new horse. The instrument seeks to identify the traits a horse should create a safe, comfortable relationship and prevent the negative effects of a bad match, which benefits the buyer/rider and horse. Description and assessment of the personality and behavior of a horse in addition to the needs of the buyer/rider. The process recognizes each rider and horse are special with their own character and qualities. A horse that might be a completely wrong selection for a …

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Iceland Ponies: Women Horse riding Expedition

Iceland Ponies near old ruins

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Iceland Ponies. There is just something about those gentle Iceland ponies that melts My heart their big eyes, their personalities, the way you can make their best lip wiggle if you tickle their nose… I even volunteered at a horse barn up the road from my house when I was in middle school and junior high. Get to know some of Iceland’s unique ponies during my first trip. Iceland is such cool animal. Not only Do they have long, shaggy coats and adorably thick manes and forelocks (fringe), but …

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Learn how to ride the Viking Horse

Viking village in Stokksnes

ABOUT FEELING AND TECHNIQUE OF THE VIKING HORSE The Viking horse is often said to be very easy to ride. The truth is that due to their gentle and sweet temperament, as well as their smooth gaits, it is very easy to”get a lift” on a Viking horse. HOURS IN THE SADDLE ON THE VIKINGS HORSES Many people feel very comfortable sitting on these instead Small mounts, and it almost feels like they are gliding forward when doing their very supple and smooth 4-beat gait, tölt. Even though tölting on short rides on reliable, tender Vikings horses, there is not …

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Icelandic Horse gaits: The 5 gaits of Heaven

Icelandic Horse gait

ICELAND VIKINGS HORSE HAS FIVE GAITS This usually means that many Icelandic horses have two extra gaits to offer besides walk, trot and canter/gallop. The extra Icelandic horse gaits that set the Icelandic horse apart from other strains are called tölt and flying pace. The Icelandic horse is a breed apart from all other horse Breeds, in over several aspects, and among its most celebrated attributes is its own five natural, and unique gaits: the walk, the trot, the canter, the tölt, and the flying pace. Gait, during which two of the horse’s hooves constantly touch the earth, and in …

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Icelandic Pony: The unique breed of them all

Meeting the Icelandic Pony

The Icelandic pony is a friendly, patient and strong animal That was in Iceland for centuries. With no roads and demanding terrains, Viking horses were needed in Iceland to transport goods and people. Although their role has shifted in the past century, horses have always played an essential role in Icelandic culture, at an early age until today. What is so special about the Icelandic pony? A BIT OF HISTORY OF THE ICELANDIC PONY To Iceland by the first Viking settlers coming from Norway in the 9th century. Later settlers came with different ponies and horses that were crossed with …

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Icelandic horses: Everything you need to know

Icelandic horses corissing a river

We did not realize that Icelandic horses are everywhere. There Are 80,000 horses in a nation which has a population of just 300,000 people. It took us some time to realize what the horses have been employed for. Iceland is a popular tourist destination, but not popular enough to maintain 80,000 horses occupied. Do the Icelandic men and women eat a horse? Maybe they Horses for food? Although Some horses are bred for food, It’s the least eaten Meat in the country and just some are raised for slaughter. Nearly All Icelandic Horses are used for companionship They’re a part …

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Icelandic Horse for Sale: Things you should consider

Icelandic Horses Colors

If you find Icelandic horse for sale there are many things you have to consider before you buy one. You can find some good guidance here to help you out. So, you’ve decided: This IS the breed for you. Great! But, before you take the momentous plunge into Icelandic Horse ownership, there are a few things you should do. First of all, prior to considering purchasing any Icelandic, you should become an INFORMED BUYER. Informed buyers know what it is they are looking at, the fair market value of what they are considering purchasing, and what it is they want. How do …

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